General terms & Conditions


Dogs are welcome at Crowne Plaza Antwerp for a supplement of 25 euros per day. Please note that a maximum of 1 pet is allowed per room. Pets are allowed in a designated area at our restaurant and bar. Other pets are accepted upon request please contact us in advance.


Except for special written provisions drawn up by an authorised person, the present terms and conditions of sales apply to all the services provided by Crowne Plaza Antwerp and to all contracts which have been agreed or are to be executed. These terms and conditions are clearly displayed in the premises and are to be found printed on the reverse side of all published documents. They are, thus, deemed to have been sufficiently brought to the notice of clients, contracting parties and third parties.


The rates which have been confirmed in offers remain valid for a period of 3 months. Beyond the deadline, they may be modified in line with economic conditions. The rates which apply are those in force on the day the service is provided.


Crowne Plaza Antwerp’s manager shall not be held liable for any damage which may arise following an event which he is unable to foresee (force majeure), in spite of all the necessary precautions, in view of the circumstances and consequences. Nor shall he be held liable for damage caused by mistake, even partial mistake, by the client. Articles 1952 to 1954 quater of the Civil Code apply with regard to safe-keeping.


The client must behave in accordance with accepted standards and the hotel’s house rules in which he is staying. Any serious or repeated violation of the hotel’s house rules entitles the hotel to put an end at the contract without prior notification. The client and the contracting party are jointly and severally liable towards Crowne Plaza Antwerp for any damage caused to persons, hotel property, fittings and equipment and those areas to which the public has access.


Clients agree to inform the hotel of any change in the use of the rented premises and not to invite any person whose behaviour, reputation or respectability may in any way prejudice the hotel’s property or moral reputation, with the latter reserving the right to intervene if necessary. In the event of non-compliance with this obligation, Crowne Plaza Antwerp shall be entitled to cancel the event without compensation.


In order to confirm a guest room a security deposit of 250€ per night, and a valid government-issue photo ID will be required upon check-in. The security deposit will cover the total accommodation as well as any incidental charges (such as telephone and restaurant costs) that may be incurred during your stay. Major credit cards are acceptable to establish the deposit. Your credit card will be authorized immediately, and the amount will be blocked on your credit card. Alternatively the deposit, of 250€ per night, can also be paid via a debit card or in cash. In case no incidental charges where incurred Crowne Plaza Antwerp will release the remaining amount of the authorization if the deposit was paid via credit card. In case the security deposit was established with a debit card or cash Crowne Plaza Antwerp will refund in cash (in € currency).

Please note that Crowne Plaza Antwerp remains the right to release your booking should you miss the booked arrival date. Your booking won’t be refunded.


The client shall only be sent invoices which exceed € 500,00 and then only with written approval beforehand of the hotel. Nonetheless Crowne Plaza Antwerp reserves the right to demand prior payment of the bill or corresponding bills. All recapitulative bills or invoices are payable in cash without discount. Such bills or invoices rightfully entitle Crowne Plaza Antwerp to charge interest in arrears of 1% per month, without formal notification until full and final payment thereof. In addition, from the time the first formal notification for late payment is sent out, a lump-sum amount equal to 15% of the bill or the invoice with a minimum of € 150,00 may rights be demanded. Any late payment of a single bill or invoice entitles the hotel or any other of Crowne Plaza Antwerp establishments to suspend all instructions, all bookings and all services and all sales or delivery, of whatsoever nature.

Payment. All invoices shall be settled by the Client’s customers upon departure, unless otherwise agreed in the attached contract.


In the event of force majeure or unforeseeable event beyond one’s control, (such as and not limited to: acts of God, war, government authority, terrorism, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation or transportation facilities or any other emergency or event beyond control) the hotel is discharged from its obligations, without this giving rise to compensation. However, the hotel agrees to inform the other party via all possible mean so to limit all possible damage.


All complaints must be made in writing by registered post within 7 calendar days after the event. Any complaint received after this period will not be taken into consideration.In the case of disputes or legal proceedings only the courts of Brussels shall have jurisdiction and the laws of Belgium shall be applied in all such disputes.


Please note that the hotel is fully non-smoking. It is thus not allowed to smoke cigerattes, vaping or electronic cigerattes or shisha. In case guests do smoke in the hotel, a fine of €250 for deep cleaning will be charged. Guests are kindly asked not to smoke within 10 meters of Crowne Plaza Antwerp’s entrance. The use of candles in the room is strictly forbidden.


Guests are allowed to ship some packages or to have food delivered to the reception with prior approval. This is the client responsibilities to collect it from the reception. Please note that Crowne Plaza Antwerp is not responsible for any damage or loss. 


All invoices shall be paid 100% prior to the event if your company is not known by our organisation. In case you are a returning guest, 90% of the invoice shall be paid prior to the evtn.

All other invoices shall be paid within 15 business days from the date of invoice. Extra charges are to be paid upon check-out per room or by the responsible person of the group.

As to their admissibility, all queries concerning the invoices have to be made in writing within 10 days from the date of invoice. After that or if not written they will not be admitted and no further amendments will be made.

If the invoice has not been paid in due time, an interest of 1% per month will be rightfully and automatically due, without prior notice.

Non-payment of any invoice at maturity shall automatically and without notification cause the full amount outstanding to become due. 

In case of default of the client to pay the overdue invoice, Crowne Plaza Antwerp shall increase by 10% the due amount, notwithstanding its right to immediately cancel any reservation without costs nor indemnity and terminate the contract with immediate effect as from the notice, sent by registered mail, of its decision to cancel it, without there being any need to send a formal notification prior to such notice. 

This contract is governed by and is to be construed in accordance with Belgian law. 

The parties irrevocable agree that the Commercial Court of Brussels shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement.


The Crowne Plaza Antwerp’s offers shall be confirmed in writing. An order shall not be regarded to be final unless it has been accepted by Crowne Plaza Antwerp in writing. 

The Crowne Plaza Antwerp‘s contracts are made only upon its standard –and specific- terms and conditions. Any conditions contrary thereto shall not be binding unless expressly accepted by Crowne Plaza Antwerp in writing.


The final rooming list will be submitted to the hotel in writing at least 14 days prior to arrival. Further all rooming list reservations are guaranteed for no-show and late cancellation by the client. 

At all times, the client shall inform the hotel in writing of any changes regarding arrival details, departure dates, guest name changes. 

No verbal agreement shall be accepted.


Crowne Plaza Antwerp reserves the right to reassign the meeting space at any time, provided that the hotel informs the client before such reassignment and does not impact the client’s original requirements. 

Any change to the declared/contracted use of the function room will automatically result in a price adjustment. 

Catering preferences, allergies, dietary restrictions of participants need to be confirmed in writing to the hotel at least 14 days prior to arrival. 

The Function Room includes the fixed systems in place. Any additional service, the provision of equipment not included in the standard Function Room equipment, or electrical systems in addition to the standard equipment will be subject to a separate price quote and will be invoiced as a supplement. Any equipment supplied by the client or one of their suppliers must be approved by the Crowne Plaza Antwerp technical services on the basis of the specifications submitted by the client no more than one month prior to the event. 

Exact IT requirements (WIFI, VPN access, …) have to be submitted for approval to the hotel latest 1 months prior the event in writing. Any equipment not included in the standard Function Room required for specific IT installation will be subject to a separate price quote and will be invoiced as a supplement. 

Full details of decoration projects, displays or technical installations should be submitted to the hotel in writing for prior approval. The hotel declines all responsibility regarding any material brought into the hotel by the client. At the end of the event, the client undertakes to remove all installations at his own cost and within the timeframe of the reservation so that the premises are left in their original state. Exceeding the timeframe of the reservation for set-up or dismantling will be subject to additional charges unless agreed otherwise.

It is not allowed to attach posters to the wall, floors or ceilings by means of sticking, stapling or attaching in any other way. The costs of repairing any damage that may result from failing to respect these rules will be paid by the client. The full costs of repairing or replacing the hotels property will be charged to the client, whether this damage was caused directly by the client or by one of its subcontractors or its attendees. 

The hotel will be available to receive your conference materials as from one week prior to your conference upon prior written notice by the client. To ensure a good handover of the boxes or materials, please clearly mention the following details: the name of the event and organizer, the name of the M&E manager of the hotel, the name and address of the hotel, the date of the event, the name of the meeting room and the number of boxes per sending. Packages without these details or sent earlier then the requested date might be refused. For delivery of valuable materials, the delivery date has to be agreed prior to sending. The client is responsible to arrange pick up or sending of materials after the event. The hotel is not responsible for any materials left on site after the event. 

No food or beverage of any kind shall be supplied by the client himself without prior approval of the hotel. If approved by the hotel, an additional cover charge may be applied for the use of any such goods. However, the hotel cannot be held responsible for the quality of a food or beverage supplied by the client and brought into our premises.

The client is bound to be in order with SABAM. Contact number: +32 2 286 82 11. This number needs to be contacted when any kind of music is used in any of the locations of Crowne Plaza Antwerp. All related fees are to be paid by the client. The hotel will forward all legal procedure costs to the client if the SABAM is not paid. 

The client shall be informed and it is his responsibility to inform the attendees that it is not permitted to leave personal effects or belongings unattended, neither in the lobby, in the restaurant, in the corridors or the meetings rooms. The hotel cannot accept responsibility for theft or disappearance of personal effects or belongings, occurring under these circumstances in these places and all public areas in general. 

In order to ensure that the event runs smoothly the client shall inform Crowne Plaza Antwerp in writing of the exact number of people attending the event, no later than 14 working days before it begins. In case of increase in numbers, the client is limited to the maximum capacities provided by the hotel. 

Crowne Plaza Antwerp does not guarantee the absence of competitors of the client during the event. 

Deposit payment conditions as per agreed in the contract details above apply. Crowne Plaza Antwerp reserves the right to resell the reserved rooms and meeting space in the case that deposits are not paid in due time. In case of increase to the contracted value, Crowne Plaza Antwerp will request additional deposit payments in line with the payment scheme above.


Cancellation by the client of all or part of its reservation is subject to withdrawal fees as follows. 

Should revenue increase as a result of adjustments made by the client, conditions will automatically be applied based on the increased event value. 

*Adjusting/postponing event date upon contract signature, will not result in waiving the above described cancellation fee.


Withdrawal fees due by the Client in case of a full cancellation will be calculated as a percentage, based on the date of cancellation listed below, of total anticipated revenues including tax from all contracted guest rooms, delegate revenue and/or food and beverage and meeting room rental agreed upon in this agreement. The percentages below are not applicable on a cumulative basis.

Date of cancellation Percentage owed

Date of signing to 90 days before arrival date 0%

89 days to 60 days before arrival date 50%

59 days to 30 days before arrival 75%

29 days to 7 days before arrival 90%

6 days or less before arrival date 100%


In the event that you reduce your requirements between the date of the signing of this agreement and the dates stated below no withdrawal fees will be due. The percentages below are not applicable on a cumulative basis.

Days before arrival Reduction allowed without withdrowal fees due

Date of signing to 90 days before arrival date 100% of original reservation

89 days to 60 days before arrival date 50% of original reservation

59 days to 30 days before arrival 25% of original reservation

29 days to 7 days before arrival 10% of original reservation

6 days or less before arrival date 0% of original reservation  

By signing and returning this agreement, the client will only then enable the hotel to establish the services, as outlined here within, on a definite basis. By signing this agreement, the client accepts the general terms & conditions of Crowne Plaza Antwerp.