Red Star Line Archives - Crowne Plaza Antwerpen


A “lieu de mémoire” for 60 years of transatlantic emigration

Between 1873 and 1935 the Red Star Line Shipping Company transported almost 3 million people from Antwerp to America and Canada. Today the buildings of the Red Star Line still exist. They’re located in the neighborhood of ’t Eilandje near the river Scheldt, from where the ships set off on their faraway transatlantic voyage. It remains a place of remembrance for the millions of emigrants who set out for a new life in the States and Canada via Antwerp.

Red Star Line Museum Antwerp
Red Star Line Museum

These days, the historic sheds of the legendary shipping company with the red star in its flag house the Red Star Line Museum. This museum tells the story of the millions of Europeans who were courageous or desperate enough to leave their old life behind and go look for a better existence overseas. The former harbor sheds of the Red Star Line are the perfect place to make the stories of countless passengers palpable and visible. Their dreams and complaints are brought to life in this inspiring environment.

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