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Petting farms: fun for young & old on the outskirts of the city

When strolling through Antwerp, with its vibrant city center that never seems to rest or sleep, rural life might seem very far away, some kind of utopia. But it’s actually much closer than you think! You can go to one of the petting farms on the outskirts of the city, where you’ll get a good grasp of life on a farm. Feeding pigs, cuddling rabbits or playing among baby goats: it’s all possible just a few kilometers away from the busy city center! You can even learn to make your own bread or cheese in Wilrijk. At Petting Farm Schranshoeve, children can daydream and fantasize in the old bakehouse, where a storyteller tells them wonderfum fairytales. Instead of watching TV or playing computer games, children can play outside, use their creativity and get to discover nature in all its bloom and glory. Of course, their parents are very welcome as well. They’ll find a haven of rest at the petting farms around Antwerp!

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