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Body Art at MAS

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From 19 February to 17 April 2016, there’s an expo about body art at Museum aan de Stroom (MAS). The theme of the exhibition is “body decoration” in the broadest sense of the word: from make-up and tattoos to implants and surgical corrections, through all times and cultures. The central question is: what makes people want to change their bodies? There will even be a pop-up tattoo shop!

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The MAS: more than a museum

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The MAS | Museum aan de Stroom is a ground-breaking museum that tells the story of the people, the past, the present and the future of Antwerp and the world. But the MAS is more than a museum. It’s a new city center, a meeting place where there’s always something to see and to do

MAS Antwerpen
Museum aan de Stroom

MAS Boulevard: an escalator takes you from the ground floor to +9. Along the way you take in views of Antwerp through the 6-meter-high glass panels. At the top, a sweeping panorama of the city is awaiting you.

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