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Car-Free Sunday in Antwerp

On Sunday 18 September 2016, Antwerp is having its annual car-free Sunday. You can come by bike, by bus, by tram, by train… or you can just walk your way through the city! Just leave your car at home, will you please? :-)

car-free sunday antwerp

By organizing its car-free Sunday, the city of Antwerp – just like many other cities on that same day – wants to increase awareness about mobility among its inhabitants and visitors. When you’re going somewhere, it’s good to ask yourself some critical questions:

  • Where do I go?
  • When do I have to be there?
  • Am I going alone or am I with somebody?
  • Do I have any luggage with me?
  • When will I come back?
  • Do I actually need to go by car… Are there really no other options for me?

The city of Antwerp is making lots of efforts to improve mobility: more biking lanes, better public transport connections, new tram lines, Park & Ride zones at the outskirts of the city, safer traffic, less air pollution. To realize all these plans, a lot of road works are ahead in the coming years, during which the city always takes the necessary measures so that traffic doesn’t get stuck too much and everybody can safely and timely reach their destination in and around the city. Check out

Antwerp’s car-free Sunday is the perfect day to enjoy the city without much traffic. A unique experience! There are lots of activities for your entire family: Mobility Market on the Meir, Buitenspel route for kids, numerous walking toursTry to test a new way of transportation, who knows it will change your life forever! :-)

20/9: car-free Sunday in Antwerp

On Sunday 20 September, the 13th edition of car-free Sunday takes place in Antwerp. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore the city in a different way. As in: leave your car at home and come strolling though the streets, or grab your chance to conquer the city on your bike or on your skeelers…

Here’s an overview of what you can do:
  • Car-free Sunday means open street day. All inhabitants and visitors of the city can take part in more than 15 different street activities.  There are creative and sporty workshops, as well as some playful races… In short, it’s one big neighborhood party for and by the people of Antwerp. You really don’t wanna miss this!
  • Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Mobility Market at the Meir, where you’ll get acquainted with a wide range of mobility options. You’ll also be able to test some city-friendly transportation vehicles on the test track over there.
  • For those who like to ride their bike, there’s a bicycle tour that leads you from the city center to Antwerp’s greenest spots. It’ll take your breath away!
  • You can check out all the activities on this map.

Come and enjoy car-free Sunday in Antwerp with your whole family!