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Healthy food in Antwerp

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Looking for healthy food in Antwerp? The city has a great deal of restaurants that offer tasteful, wholesome food. So if you’re in need of a fresh, delicious meal that doesn’t sabotage your diet (nor your wallet!) we strongly advise you to read on…

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Healthy food in Antwerp

Nowadays more and more people like to eat healthy. We totally understand that! We we have some good news for healthy foodies because they certainly won’t get lost in Antwerp! The city has many restaurants that offer wholesome, healthy meals – from breakfast and brunch over lunch and coffee to dinner, drinks and desserts. In all these places there are numerous vegetarian and vegan options as well.

We give you a list of 10 lovely healthy food spots in Antwerp!

  1. MOSS Antwerp – Volkstraat 11 –
  2. Murni Food – Geuzenstraat 5 –
  3. Eten Vol Leven – Minderbroedersrui 52 –
  4. Native – Muntstraat 8 –
  5. Tinsel – Vlaamse Kaai 40 –
  6. Comptoir/L’Epicerie Du Cirque – Volkstraat 23 –
  7. Copper – Belegstraat 80 –
  8. Biologisch Dynamische Bakkerij – Volkstraat 17 –
  9. Tan – De Burburestraat 6 –
  10. Falafel Tof – Hoogstraat 32 –

Have you been to one of these healthy restaurants yet? What did you think of the food?

Do you know any other interesting spots for healthy foodies? Let us know in the comments!