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Veggie restaurants in Antwerp

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From 1 March to 15 April, the “Dagen Zonder Vlees” (in English: Days Without Meat) will make us once again aware of the fact that vegetarianism has a very positive impact on the environment and that veggie food is tasty, healthy and not at all boring or monotone. The aim is not to have everybody stop eating meat but to make as many people as possible think about their meat consumption and try out vegetarian alternatives. To help you around, we made a list of some good veggie restaurants in Antwerp.


veggie foodVeggie restaurants in Antwerp

  • ‘t Zilte: two Michelin stars and a vegetarian menu available, what’s not to love?
  • Graanmarkt 13: there’s a veggie or vegan menu on request. Nice to know: chef Seppe Nobels was awarded 2014’s best vegetable chef and launched vegetarian cooking classes for professionals.
  • Bites & Wines: entirely plant-based cuisine with many gluten-free options.
  • Aahaar: Indian restaurant, you can either eat from the buffet or à la carte.
  • Falafeltof: mouthwatering falafel to die for!
  • Les saveurs de Yamada: refined Japanese cuisine with lots of veggie choices, bring it on!
  • Lara kookt voor u: fresh suggestions every day, choice between eat-in or take-away.
  • Eten vol Leven: Belgium’s first raw food restaurant, everything is 100% plant-based.
  • Bar Italia: you’ll find at least five vegetarian pizza’s on the menu in this pizzeria.
  • De broers van Julienne: international fusion vegetarian food made from organic ingredients only.
  • De Burgerij: a selection of yummy, meatless burgers served with a side of fries, can you resist?
  • Umami: contemporary Asian cuisine with countless vegetarian options.

veggie foodHave you been to one of these places yet? Or do you know other veggie restaurants in Antwerp that are worth checking out? Let us know!