Elrow Town comes to Antwerp - There's a new festival in town!

Elrow town

Elrow Town comes to Antwerp

Holiday season is barely over and we’re already thinking about the next party: Elrow Town! A colorful festival that is filled with confetti, inflatable figures and amazing costumes. The party is set to happen on the 30th of June 2018 at Middenvijver Antwerp. Some of you may know that normally this is when Summer Festival takes place, but unfortunately this year they announced to discontinue the festival. Giving Elrow Town the opportunity to entertain us for the very first time!

For Belgium the festival may be new, but the rest of the world is already familiar with it.  Last year alone they had over 100 shows in countries such as Spain, Italy and Brazil! Good for a total of 1.8 million attendees and 25 ton of biodegradable confetti, talking about a party right?

What we can expect in Antwerp will be very similar. We’re talking about a whole lot of confetti cannons, a rowshow with spectacular performances, numerous performers, good music, stilt walkers and so much more! In other words everything you can possible ever need to escape from the serious side of life and act all crazy. There will be various stages with international DJ’s who’s names will be released over the coming months.

The previous festival that took place at Middenvijver Antwerp was Summer Festival, they were known as one of the fairly cheaper festivals. Luckily Elrow Town keeps this tradition in honor. People who are interested in attending will be happy to hear that a regular ticket only costs 55 euro! For people who want that extra bit of luxery there is the option to buy a VIP-ticket, which will cost 100 euro. Be sure to mark 15 January in your calendar, because that’s the day the sale wil start! More information about Elrow Town Antwerp can be found here.

Here’s a small summary of all the info you need:

  • Elrow Town 30th of June 2018
  • Ticket sale start 15 January
  • Regular tickets cost: 55 euro
  • Vip tickets cost: 100 euro

We’re already looking forward to it! Will you attend Elrown Town? Be sure to let us know.