Antwerp low emission zone from 2017 - Crowne Plaza Antwerpen

Antwerp low emission zone from 2017


Soot and fine particles pollute the air and have negative effects on the environment and public health. As we all know, a large part of this pollution is caused by cars. This is why Antwerp has decided to ban the most polluting vehicles from the city as of 1 February 2017. As such, the city center becomes a low emission zone (LEZ) in order to create a healthier and cleaner future.

So if you’re planning to visit Antwerp by car, you should check here if your vehicle is really allowed to enter the low emission zone. If your car may enter the city but doesn’t have a Belgian or Dutch number plate, you have to register it firstIf your car doesn’t live up to the requirements for admission to the low emission zone but you still want to drive into the center of Antwerp, you can buy an LEZ day pass. You can do so up to 8 times per year.

Of course you can also come to Antwerp in another way:

For more information, you can check this website.