Skywalk at ZOO Antwerp - Crowne Plaza Antwerpen

Skywalk at ZOO Antwerp

ZOO Antwerp opened its long awaited Skywalk, an architectural gem high in the sky. The impressive promenade – 6m high and 225m long – gives you a fantastic 360° view of the ZOO.

The sky is the limit

The prestigious Skywalk offers a beautiful panorama of the ZOO, for example on the red pandas Pim Pim and Haiku that are back at the ZOO! Here’s a sneak preview…

Meandering in 360°

The Skywalk was created by landscape architect Benoit Fondu and 8office Architects. They respected the typical French style of the ZOO and its garden. All paths in the ZOO are meandering and so is the Skywalk. It gives you a mighty and unrivalled 360° view. The Skywalk is easily accessible for wheelchairs and prams as well.

The Skywalk in numbers

  • Total length of the promenade: 225m
  • Slope percentage: max. 4%
  • The walls are made of glass of 2,5cm thick and 1,2m high. Total amount of glass: 350m²
  • There are 2 ponds on the roof, filled with plants (perhaps lotus flowers in the future). They’re 80cm deep and contain 200m³ water.

Do you want to visit the ZOO of Antwerp and its amazing Skywalk? All information is on the website.