11 x art on Antwerp's façades - Crowne Plaza Antwerpen

11 x art on Antwerp’s façades

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Art is public and doesn’t necessarily have to be displayed in traditional places like museums and galleries. Visual artist Lieven Segers, one of the five curators of Born in Antwerp, came up with the idea of inviting an eclectic group of Antwerp artists to paint artworks on 11 of Antwerp façades.

11 x art on Antwerp’s façades

Enjoy a diverse group of works from artists like Luc Tuymans, Guy Rombouts, Fred Bervoets, Dennis Tyfus, Denie Put, Nadia Naveau, Nick Andrews, Michèle Matyn, Guillaume Bijl, Nel Aerts and Lieven Segers. These artists have stepped out of their comfort zone, approaching the empty façade as a blank canvas. All the façades are located in Antwerp’s city center, from the Leopoldstraat and the Wapper to the University of Antwerp and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. As you wind your way through the city, you’ll discover that not all artworks are paintings and that not all of them are actually on a wall or a façade…

Locations of the artworks

Below are all the locations of the artworks. The Antwerp Museum App will guide you to all 11 walls and give further information about the artist and his/her work.

  • Denie Put – “Zijne Bevreesde Hoogheid” – Blindestraat 7-9
  • Dennis Tyfus – “Hier Rust Dennis Tyfus” – Ercola, Wolstraat 31
  • Fred Bervoets – “Adi Adieu” – Mezzanine of the pedestrian tunnel, Sint-Jansvliet
  • Guillaume Bijl – “Een Nieuwe Kandidaat, Een Nieuwe Hoop” – ‘t Lastig Portret, Blindestraat 1
  • Guy Rombouts – “Mehr Licht” – Canopy Theaterplein
  • Lieven Segers – “C’est Toujours La Même Chose” – University of Antwerp, Kipdorp 62
  • Luc Tuymans – “Silence” – De Burgerij, Leopoldplaats 5
  • Michèle Matyn – “Tufa” – HetPaleis, Meistraat 1
  • Nadia Naveau – “(Green) silverscreen” – Demian Books, Hendrik Conscienceplein 16
  • Nick Andrews – “Docklands” – Café Vagant, Reyndersstraat 25
  • Nel Aerts – “De beste stuurlui staan aan wal” – Natuurkapper, Minderbroedersrui 45

This open-air exhibition will run for one year in the heart of Antwerp!