Summer of Antwerp - Crowne Plaza Antwerpen

Summer of Antwerp

The Summer of Antwerp is a program of events that are organized throughout the city from 15 June to 28 August. You can attend theater performances in the most unexpected locations, listen to music from all over the world and watch sultry summer films in open air by the river.

Summer of Antwerp, a party for everyone

There’s so much to do and to see during the Summer of Antwerp!

  • The Summer Bar gives you an immediate holiday feeling. Here you can enjoy a cocktail, eat something or watch one of the many circuses.
  • The Summer Factory serves as a night-time hotspot for parties and more.
  • You can attend outdoor concerts of international bands and local heroes in the city.
  • How about watching a movie in open air during Cinema Urbana at the Plantinkaai?
  • Don’t forget to visit the grandstand of the SunSet for the most beautiful spectacle on earth!

The Summer of Antwerp is a party for everyone with a wide range of free events as well as an international program with some of the best and most beautiful current performances. It’s gonna be a great summer!

All information is on the website or the Facebook page of Summer of Antwerp.

Welcome to the Nulsterrenpension!

During Summer of Antwerp, an abandoned gas factory is brought to life with comical details, happy colors and scrupulously clean sheets. The so-called Nulsterrenpension offers lodgings to anyone who is looking for a fun place to sleep… or those who cannot find their house keys :-) Discarded furniture and recycled materials get a second life in the Nulsterrenpension. It is an upcycled hostel with a contemporary story, where beauty lies in the details and some things are not what they seem.

One night in the Nulsterrenpension costs 20 € and includes a delicious organic breakfast. You can make a reservation here.