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Summer Bars in Antwerp

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Sun is shining, the weather is sweet – or so it is supposed to be… Anyway, numerous summer bars are popping up everywhere in Antwerp right now. And don’t we all just love the combination of beach, bar and food in the open air? We’ve selected five hotspots that are sure worth checking out this summer!

Smokey Jo’s Garage summer bar

  • Smokey Jo’s Garage summer bar is located in the courtyard of city brewery De Koninck, where Summer Josephine’s used to be. Here you can drink or eat something in a trailer trash park and watch movies in the garage.
  • There’s barbecue every day and on Sunday you can join the so-called “Major League BBQ”, where the meat is grilled on a firepit. Chef Vadim Vesters and BBQ-guru Matthias Jacobs will be very happy to welcome you!
  • The cocktails are prepared by Bartender of the Year Dries Botty from cocktailbar The Dirty Rabbit.
  • There are also workshops for kids, a photo exposition of photographer Mike Van Cleven and you’ll be able to cheer for the Red Devils during the European Footbal Championships.
  • Address: Boomgaartstraat 17, Antwerp
  • More info on the Facebook page

Bar Paniek summer bar

  • Bar Paniek summer bar is located at the Antwerp Docks, in the city’s Northern district. Here you’ll get a magnificent view on the six new appartment towers of ‘t Eilandje. And if you’re lucky enough you’ll see an unforgettable sunset!
  • It’s some kind of artistic meeting spot where you can drink or eat something from various food trucks.
  • Very quiet and green summer bar with lots of flowers and plants, which you can also buy over there by the way.
  • Address: Kattendijkdok, Oostkaai 21B
  • More info on the Facebook page

Bocadero summer bar

  • The notorious Antwerp summer bar Bocadero is back for the 8th year in a row! You can still build sand castles, relax in front of the water, sip cocktails en enjoy delicious ice cream here. Same old, same old :-)
  • New this year is the apéro bar of famous sommelier Sepideh Sedaghatnia, called Summer Divine. Here you can order wine, fingerfood and other appetizers.
  • Foodies will love this place because there are no less than 4 pop-up restaurants!
  • In for a dance? Nor problem, the DJ’s will make you shake your booty until sunrise :-)
  • Address: Waagnatie Expo & Events, Rijnkaai 150
  • More info on the Facebook page

Cargo summer bar

  • At Cargo summer bar, it’s all about relaxing and slowing down in the middle of the city. It’s the perfect spot for families: kids can have fun at the playground or between the fountains while mom and dad are enjoying a drink in the sun.
  • Cargo summer bar offers a wide range of food. The chefs of Fiskebar are in charge of the menu and there’s a brand new BBQ in da house, called “The Beast”. Well if that ain’t very promising! :-)
  • Address: Park Spoor Noord, near Antwerpen Dam
  • More info on the Facebook page

Agua Lounge summer bar

  • Agua Lounge is a cosy summer bar for young and old. You can go there for some sunbathing or to have a refreshing drink.
  • On the menu: fingerfood, salads and mainly chicken dishes, served by Poule & Poulette.
  • Address: Cockerillkaai, across the Muhka, Antwerp
  • More info on the Facebook page

Crowne Plaza Antwerpen wishes you a wonderful summer in the city!

Do you know any other nice summer bars? Don’t hesitate to let us know!

Source: Weekend Knack