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Brewery De Koninck presents culinary heroes

Brewery De Koninck, Antwerp’s city brewery since 1833, is more than just a place where beer is brewed. The brewery has now become an interesting and inspiring meeting place for Antwerp craftsmen, who are as passionate as the Bollekes beer brewers…

Brouwerij De Koninck Antwerpen

Brewery De Koninck open to the public

In recent months, the De Koninck brewery site on the Mechelsesteenweg has been a hive of activity and construction work. While the brewers carry on brewing their celebrated Bollekes in the brewing hall, the renovated city brewery is now open to the public so that everyone can come and discover what goes on inside. Because from now on, the brewery is housing various artisans:

  • At Only Cheese, you can taste and buy the cheeses of cheese masters Michel and Frédéric Van Tricht. They also have a cheese shop and a cheese & wine bar in Berchem, and have been ripening and storing their cheeses in the brewery for quite some time yet. The new shop gives an extra dimension to their craft: a happy marriage between cheese and beer!
  • Photographer and publisher Tony Le Duc, who has a deeply rooted love for beer and brewing, organizes interesting cooking workshops and food photography (or should we say “food porn”?) sessions. He also opened his own publishing house Minestrone at the brewery’s previous laboratory.
  • Top butchers De Laet & Van Haver proudly present The Butcher’s Store (opening on 14 June), where you’ll have the opportunity to buy nothing but the freshest meat. At The Butcher’s Son, chef Bert-Jan Michielsen and sommelier Luc Dickens serve you the very best dishes.
  • Baker Kenney Van Hoorick will open The Bakery in summer. Here you’ll be able to buy his famous fresh sourdough bread.
  • Chocolatier JITSK has already opened his chocolate atelier and store last year. He makes the sweetest creations that are eaten and praised worldwide. “They are like a circus in your mouth,” said the Consul of Qatar upon tasting the pralines made by Jitsk Heyninck. The 24-year-old chocolatier has travelled the world with his chocolate creations, bringing his pralines as far afield as the World Expo in Shanghai and Korea.

Later this month, a new summer bar will open as well on site of Brewery De Koninck. We don’t know any details yet, but we’re already looking forward. It’s going to be a tasty and culinary summer!

Practical information

  • Address: City Brewery De Koninck, Mechelsesteenweg 291, 2018 Antwerpen
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm
  • Website: