Welcome to our Octopus Event Pool! - Crowne Plaza Antwerpen

Welcome to our Octopus Event Pool!

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Our Octopus Event Pool is a truly fascinating location for chic soirees, inspiring seminars and sparkling parties! The 120m² event space is large enough to accommodate the most extravagant parties and at the same time provides enough nooks and crannies to create an intimate atmosphere.

Five alcoves of different measurements are the ideal way of letting guests get close and cozy, while the main event space can hold a dance floor fit for dancing queens. No matter what kind of party or event you’re dreaming of, Octopus is ready to make it a reality!

The 72m² infinity pool makes your fantasies come true even more! It measures 12m in length, 6m in width and is just 1m39 deep so a lifeguard is not legally necessary. The entire event space is lit by state of the art LED lighting that is incorporated in the ceiling, and in the pool below water level.

Free wifi is available throughout the space. Audiovisual equipment and projection screens are available on demand. A special corner is available for a DJ station. The ceiling boasts a network of rails to support additional lighting or sound systems. The swimming pool also boasts an underwater audio system so that the atmosphere in the pool matches that of the rest of the space. What more do you want?

The temperature of the event space is 29°C, which is the perfect temperature to avoid chlorine smells and a damp atmosphere, while still comfortably warm. The swimming pool is constantly heated to a pleasant 26°C. On request, the water can be changed to other temperatures.

For more information, go to www.octopus-eventpool.be. Contact us to make your event an unforgettable experience!