Antwerp is Europe's 2nd best shopping city - Crowne Plaza Antwerpen

Antwerp is Europe’s 2nd best shopping city

Dutch fashion experts have selected Antwerp as second best shopping city in Europe. The Diamond City had to give in to London – the absolute number one – but is ranked higher than “classics” Milan and Paris.

UNIZO Antwerp, the union of entrepreneurs, is very happy with this recognition. “For 20 years, we’ve been doing so many efforts together with the shop holders and the city council to put Antwerp on the map as a fashion city, and to transform shopping in our city into an experience. We already know that Antwerp is the place to be for fashion, but this “award” makes us so proud,” says the union’s chairman. He adds jokingly: “Next year, we’re going for the first place!”

UNIZO Antwerp has always believed in the city’s huge fashion potential. Via original events, new shops and lots of campaigns, it has established the good and fashionable reputation that Antwerp has nowadays.