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Veggie restaurants in Antwerp

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From 11 February to 26 March, the campaign Dagen Zonder Vlees (literally “days without meat”) is running in Flanders. It means that many people are trying to eat less or no meat at all during the 40 days of Fast until Easter. The campaign wants to make people aware of the impact of meat consumption on the environment. The aim is not to convert everybody into vegetarianism, but to sensibilize people and convince them that a diet with less meat or fish isn’t boring or tasteless, on the contrary! In Antwerp there are lots of good veggie addresses. We give you some tips!

veggie food

  • ‘t Zilte: renowned Michelin star restaurant with a veggie menu
  • Graanmarkt 13: veggie or vegan menu on request in this restaurant of the Best Vegetable Cook 2014, Seppe Nobels.
  • Bites & Wines: entirely plant-based menu with many glutenfree dishes as well.
  • Aahaar: Indian buffet restaurant. Excellent price/quality ratio!
  • Falafeltof: Middle-Eastern cuisine, you simply have to taste their delicious falafel!
  • Les saveurs de Yamada: refined Japanese kitchen with lots of veggie options.
  • Lara kookt voor u: Lare offers fresh suggestions every day. You can eat in the restaurant or take away.
  • Eten vol Leven: Belgium’s very first raw food restaurant, where everything is 100% plant-based.

veggie food

Do you know some other good places in the city to have a vegetarian or vegan dish? Do let us know!

Source: Weekend Knack