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Antwerp’s best bars


Antwerp has so many bars that it’s very difficult to pick the right one to spend your night out. In order to help you not to get caught up in an obscure tourist trap – starring bad beer and unfriendly waiters – we made you a list of 7 great bars in town. Here you’ll spot many locals and get to taste the true “couleur locale” of the city! And great beer too, of course…

  • Kulminator: recently elected as the world’s best beer café by the renowned beer site “Kulminator” is not just the name of the bar, it’s also one of the heaviest beers worldwide, straight from Germany. (Vleminckveld 32)
  • Chatleroi: a very cosy café, and there’s a great terrace in summer! (Graaf van Hoornestraat 2)
  • Pallieter: thé place to spot Flemish actors on a Friday night, also very well-know among Antwaarpeneirs. (Mechelseplein 17)
  • ‘t Paters Vaetje: this place is all about beer. They even have beer cocktails! Hungry? Snacks are available as well! (Blauwmoezelstraat 1)
  • ‘t Waagstuk: here you can taste 10 beers from the draught. They even have their own beer! There’s a small snack menu. (Stadswaag 20)
  • Beer lovers will also love ‘t Antwaerps Bierhuiskeclose to the Grote Markt. With a large street terrace! (Hoogstraat 14)
  • Cafe Korsakov is open until very late… or early! ;-) It’s the perfect bar to close your night out in Antwerp! (Sint-Jorispoort 1)

't Antwaerps Bierhuiske

If you know some other great bars in Antwerp, let us know!

Source: Newsmonkey