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Hidden gems in Antwerp

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Antwerp is a cosmopolitan city. Tourists from all over the world are coming to see the Cathedral, the Grote Markt,… Apart from these well-known spots, Antwerp also treasures many hidden gems, which are also more than worth a visit…

  • The Vlaeykensgang is a cute and cosy alley connecting the Hoogstraat, Oude Koornmarkt and Pelgrimstraat. It’s super quiet out there, and in summer you can listen to the sounds of the Carillon. Lovely!

Vlaeykensgang Antwerp

  • Tourists are coming to Antwerp to see the Cathedral, which is understandable of course, but the Sint-Pauluskerk is also worth a visit. The interior is impressive, and next to the church there’s a magnificent lawn of sculptures. You’ll be surprised! (Sint-Paulusstraat 22)

  • In the neighborhood of the Antwerpen-Centraal railway station, there’s Kleinblatt. In this Jewish bakery, you can find delicious kosher bread and nearly-legendary brioches and all sorts of patisserie. The bakery has a rich family history and is well-known in Antwerp but also far beyond in Brussels, Paris and London. Yum! (Provinciestraat 206)


  • If you’re longing for some afternoon tea, head towards the Hendrik Conscienceplein. At Salon de Thé Claude you’ll find the very best scones, sandwiches and macarons. Enjoy! (Hendrik Conscienceplein 5)


  • Tarbouch is the only true Libanese restaurant in Antwerp. Every weekend you can enjoy a rich and irresistible buffet. Highly recommended if you like to taste all sorts of dishes! (Appelmansstraat 18)


Do you know some more hidden or unknown treasures in Antwerp? Have you already visited one of the above? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Newsmonkey