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Coffee bars in Antwerp

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In Antwerp, there are almost as many coffee bars as trams and buses. If you’re looking for your daily shot of caffeine in the city, we strongly recommend these trendy coffee bars:

Coffee bar Antwerp

  • Caffènationone of the city’s most popular coffee houses at the Mechelsesteenweg. There’s a cosy, often sunny terrace.
  • Koffieklap: the perfect place for coffee, some chitchat and a sandwich or a slice of cake. Located in – what’s in a name- Klapdorp.
  • Normo: only black coffee for sale here, without milk and/or sugar. A celebration of coffee in its purest form!
  • Kolonel Koffie: très cosy bar with amazing ice coffees at the Troonplaats. Really the place to be at ‘t Zuid!

Coffee machine

  • Coffeelabs: located high & dry in the Lange Klarenstraat with an enormous terrace, which is wonderful especially during summer! Large offer of coffee, (iced) tea and delicius stuff to eat.
  • Broer Bretel: esspresso bar at ‘t Eilandje. Go to the trendy docks for a delicious cup of coffee, tea of hot chocolate. They have a one-of-a-kind menu with for example a Flat white (very strong cappuccino) or dog espresso (espresso + dark chocolate). Go check it out!
  • Barnini: a well-known phenomenon in Antwerp. Cosy place with lots of creazy coffees that make you happy just by looking at them. Place to be: Theaterplein!
  • Kaffeenini: quite new coffee bar, relative to Barnini, but already a “fixed value” in the city. Heavenly coffee, tea and lunch dishes such as bagels and flammkuchen in the lovely Nationalestraat.

Enjoy your coffee in the city!