Running in Antwerp - Crowne Plaza Antwerpen

Running in Antwerp

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If you love running, you’ll love Antwerp as well! The city has lots of signposted running routes in various distances and with different grounds. Near Crowne Plaza Hotel, you can go running in the Nachtegalenpark, were you’ll also find other services for runners such as lockers, toilets and a drinking fountain.

running in antwerp

The parks of Vogelzang, Den Brandt and Middelheim together form the Nachtegalenpark (90 ha). This park has a lot to offer: a magnificent castle, sculptures of internationally acclaimed artists, and a zoo. Runners will no doubt enjoy the wide running route here, with lots of hidden paths. You’ll never walk alone at the Nachtegalenpark! During the opening hours of the Middelheim Museum you can also run from one sculpture to another (signposted route). It’s no exaggeration to say that running here is a unique experience!


  • Nachtegalenpark: at the entrance of the park, Beukenlaan, 2020 Antwerp
  • Middelheim Museum (“Beeldig loopparcours”): at the entrance of the Hortiflora, Nachtegalenpark, 2020 Antwerp


  • Nachtegalenpark: 3K-loop with signposting every 100m
  • Middelheim Museum: 3K-loop with signposting

What are you waiting for? Put on your running shoes, and experience Antwerp while running!