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Free WiFi in Antwerp

When walking aroung in Antwerp, you might often feel the need to check the opening hours of your favorite store, or to look up the phone number of a restaurant you’ve heard of. If you have a smartphone, that’s not a problem at all, of course. But the city of Antwerp, since the end of 2014, offers free WiFi on some hotspots.
Antwerp free WiFi
Antwerp offers free WiFi on some major hotspots

Here’s a list of the most important locations:

  • Central Station
  • De Keyserlei
  • Meir
  • Groenplaats
  • Grote Markt
  • Steenplein
  • Theaterplein
  • Mechelseplein
  • Hendrik Conscienceplein
  • Bolivarplaats
  • Koning Albertpark
  • Franklin Rooseveltplaats
  • Stadspark
  • Ernest van Dijckkaai – Cruiseterminal
  • De Coninckplein
  • Park Spoor Noord
  • MAS
  • Den Bell
  • Area around Spoor Oost
  • Sloepenweg
  • Areas around the district houses of Berchem, Berendrecht, Borgerhout, Deurne, Ekeren and Merksem (planned: Hoboken and Wilrijk)

The name of the WiFi system is “_Antwerp Free Wi-Fi”. Everybody has free access to the city websites,, and To visit other web sites, you have to sign in first. You can do so via a Google+ or Facebook profile. Once you have signed in, you can easily login with the A-profile of as well.

Here you can find an overview of the free WiFi spots in Antwerp.