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Enjoy the silence in Antwerp

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Always alive, rarely sleeping: Antwerp is a very busy city. Fortunately, there are also numerous silent spots where you can find rest. In these parks, gardens and squares, you can listen to the birds singing their beautiful song, smell the flowers, have a chat and relax to the max. Research has shown that silent, quiet places have a positive effect on life in the city and the well-being of its inhabitants. According to a 2013 project of the city of Antwerp and Ghent University, Antwerp has 34 “silent city spots”.

Silent spots in Antwerp


  • Stadspark
  • Sint-Anna Beach
  • Lozanapark/Vinkenhof
  • Plantentuin
  • Hof van Leysen
  • Backyard of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts
  • Prekersparkje
  • Munthof
  • Ruckersplaats
  • Willy Vandersteenplein
  • ​Begijnhof
  • Hof van Liere
  • ​Park Gaston Burssenslaan
  • ​Esmoreitpark
  • ​MacLeodplein
  • Linkerscheldeoever
  • ​Multatuliplein
  • ​Bullinckplein
  • ​Park Den Brandt


  • Ruige Heide


  • Sint-Rochus
  • Boekenbergpark​
  • Rivierenhof (central part)

Rivierenhof Deurne


  • Park Sorghvliedt
  • Meerlenhofpark
  • Gravenhof
  • Hollebeekvallei
  • Hobokense polder


  • Hof ter Heyde
  • Runcvoortpark
  • Bouckenborghpark


  • Neerlandpark
  • Steytelinckpark
  • Schoonselhof

You can check the city’s silent spots on a digital city map. If you know a hidden gem that’s not yet indicated on the map, you can point it yourself to share it with others, so that we can alltogether enjoy the silence in Antwerp!